WW: Monsters at the Museum

E5_P7250444 by etee, on Flickr

Meet Audrey, the Corpse Flower!

E5_P7250457 by etee, on Flickr

A VERY LARGE Millipede!

E5_P7250450 by etee, on Flickr

It's not a leaf... it's not a scorpion... it's a really weird bug!*

E5_P7250471 by etee, on Flickr

Yntch poses on the eye of a Giant Caterpillar!**

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Photographs copyright © 2011 E D Truitt

* A Giant Prickly Stick, to be precise.
** Not a real Giant Caterpillar. Unless, of course, you happen to be a tiny Yntch Worm.
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