WW: Downtown Aquarium

This week, my boss is in town. As this doesn’t happen too often, he took us to the Downtown Aquarium for lunch. I didn’t get any photos of the food, but did manage to shoot some of the marine life present (some of which was watching us.)

Large fish, Downtown Aquarium

"I'm keeping an eye on you."

Ray, Downtown Aquarium

A ray (of hope?)

A pair of rays, Downtown Aquarium

More rays

And, not all of the “fish” were live:

fish lights, Downtown Aquarium

"♫ You light up my life..."

Fishlights, Downtown Aquarium

Yes, they are fish. And lamps. In the dining area.

And, that’s about it. No pics of the Uglyworms this week…



Happy WW!

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Photographs copyright © 2011 E D Truitt
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