AWW: Good Things Come in Threes

I thought I would share a threesome of images that I have “created” using editing tools on my iPad.

First, a couple of images that I created using an app called Diptic, available for the iPhone  and iPad for $0.99 from the App Store. Designed to allow you to create collages, I actually used the same image in all the panels to create what is called a triptych.

Go-Kart track, Fremont CA

A fisheye view of a go-kart track

Bee and Uglyworm with coffee

"Bees like coffee, too!" WORM WORM

The third image is the output from a new editing tool, called Adobe Photoshop Touch. As the name implies, this program brings some of the features of Photoshop to the iPad platform. It only runs on the iPad 2, and costs $9.99 – 10x more than Diptic, and fairly high as far as iPad apps goes.

Bee and Uglyworm

This image has been Photoshopped. Can you tell?

I’m still not sold on the iPad as a professional (or even semi-pro) image editing platform yet, but I do plan on playing with this program (using a stylus instead of my finger from now on) to see if it can make a believer out of me.

Happy WW, y’all!

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Photographs copyright © 2012 E D Truitt
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