Creative Photography using the iPhone and iPad

One of the things I like about both the iPad and the iPhone is the opportunity to play around experiment with new ways of creating images. Here are a couple of examples of my recent “work”.

The first image, looking down Bell Street through the Smith Street Skyring in downtown Houston, was originally captured on my iPhone, using the fisheye lens from olloclip. I added the special lighting effect using the 100 Cameras in 1 app, then “split” the image into three panels with Diptic, creating a triptych.

Looking down Bell St through the Smith Street Skyring

Looking down Bell St through the Smith Street Skyring

I must admit I had quite a time creating this image, as Diptic outputs images in square format, and trying to line up multiple instances of the same image in the app, when they aren’t in square format, is next to impossible.

The other image, of the coffee bar in the cybercafe where I live, was also taken with the fisheye lens on the iPhone. It was then processed through the Camera+ app, where the “Clarify” effect was applied. I then imported it into Photoshop Touch on the iPad, where I did some sharpening before saving the final version.

Cybercafe at the Esplanade at Hermann Museum Circle

Coffee bar. Where hipsters come to get Clarity.

While some folks have expressed regret about the proliferation of photo apps which add artsy effects to otherwise mediocre images, I am taking the opposite tack. I am excited about the ability to not only capture an image, but do some pretty impressive post-processing – all on the same device!

Photographs copyright © 2012 E D Truitt
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