(A)WW: Museum of Fine Arts

A week ago, it was the Houston Zoo. This past weekend, I paid a long-delayed visit to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Another place that involves a lot of walking, the museum covers around 3 city blocks. Even spending several hours there, I only was able to cover a part of what there is to see. And, what did I see? Take a look:

The Light Inside (by James Turrell)

The entrance to “The Light Inside”, and a selfie.

Human bodies on exhibit, MFAH

Not what I would normally expect to find in a “Fine Art Museum”, but whatevs…

Sculpture at the Cullen Sculpture Garden, MFAH

In the Sculpture Garden…

Cullen Sculpture Garden

… one finds sculpture…

Cullen Sculpture Garden

… and more sculpture…

Cullen Sculpture Garden

… and even MORE sculpture!

The Light Inside (by James Turrell)

Another view of “The Light Inside”. It constantly changes color. This is an underground tunnel between two buildings, that is also a work of art.

Ancient Greek stone carving

Really old stone carvings. As in “Ancient Greek” old.

Ancient Egyptian urn

as well as some ancient Egyptian stuff.

Bust of Emperor Caligula, MFAH

And a bust of a Roman emperor (Caligula)

Painting, MFAH

Let’s not forget the paintings!

Painting, MFAH

… and more paintings.

Tiger on the Watch by Jean-Leon Gerome, MFAH

This is “Tiger on the Watch” by Jean-Leon Gerome

The Rocks by Vincent Van Gogh, MFAH

This is “The Rocks” by Vincent Van Gogh

"Spanish Lady" by Pablo Picasso, MFAH

and this is “Spanish Lady” by Pablo Picasso.

Last, but not least, I offer you this:

Confederate Soldier discovers his dead Union brother, MFAH

A Confederate soldier comes across his dead Union brother.

Given the contentious election we just went through, and with folks nonchalantly talking about secession, one wonders if the sacrifices these men made were in vain.

Sorry to end on such a down note, but this painting moved me on ways the other art, beautiful as it was, just didn’t. Something to keep in mind, as you go through your WW and the holiday season.

Want to see more images? Feel free to visit my set on Flickr.

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